Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Want to keep up to date on Plagiarism

I've been using Google Alerts with the keyword "Plagiarism" for the last month now and must say that I love being kept up to date with new news stories and reports about plagiarism and cheating around the world. Google alerts are easy to use...just click on more by the Google search box.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Music Licensing and Plagiarism

When working on explaining concepts in training classes, I've found it very helpful to find things that those in attendance are already familiar with. For the purposes of working with teens on the issues of Plagiarism I'm working on the idea of connecting the idea of plagiarism to licensing music (especially in Hip-Hop). With the 6th District Court's ruling in Westbound Records Inc. v. Dimension Films that if you "want to sample you've got to license", I think this is an even better example than ever before...Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New Book Coming Out

Ok...I know my name is in it, so yes there is some bias here...but I am looking forward to a new book coming out...The Plagiarism Plague edited by Vibiana Bowman . For more information please see: http://www.neal-schuman.com/db/5/475.html

Monday, May 24, 2004

Some up to date statistics

Just some new statistics sent to me by a rep at http://www.turnitin.com about Turnitin:
- Over 10 million previously submitted student papers are included in our database.
- Over 3.5 billion pages on the Internet are searched and updated at a rate of 40 million pages per day
- 20,000 papers are submitted daily
- Thousands of Institutional users in over 50 countries
- Thousands of institutions are using Turnitin
- 90% of all papers submitted have Internet matches (at least one match)
- About 30% of all papers analyzed are "less than original" (not plagiarized" because only the instructor makes the call on plagiarism).
- "Less than original" means over 25% of the paper was copied verbatim from other sources
- Currently enrolling 100's of new High School institutional subscribers every month


Welcome to my blog on Plagiarism. I'll be using this area to bring you opinions, news, updates, tools, and more as I continue my training efforts to combat plagiarism in our schools, libraries, and homes.